Unconscious Perfection

Photo by Lucas Santos on Unsplash

The story starts right from the moment you pick up the key and walk up to your ride. Cranking up the motor into the familiar rumble and running the usual antics before stepping on the gas to head to your destination.

Dodging traffic and stopping at signals is so routine that you barely even bat and eyelid, no where near the kind of nervous fits you had when you first got your learners permit.

At 60km/h one is covering approximately 65feet every second. Suddenly you catch a stray ball jump on to the street and your mind calculates the probability of danger reacting with unforeseen alertness. Prepared for what may come and reacting accordingly, the body works on its own will.

Safely avoiding danger and yet riding in the brink of death throttling back up to 65ft/sec. At times we are in control and other times rattle us, but we continue on our journey without aversion.

Little do we wonder if we should put ourselves in this fight or flight situation. All we do keep moving ahead, for what matters more is the destination.

Lets be alert we think, but there's only so much we have worked on since. Letting our minds wander and chatter with the rumble and the hymn.

So the next time we crank that engine, let there be no thought but the destination. Enjoying the potholes and twists, a sign of a motorist in bliss.




Scribbles of the mind, travels of the soul

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Scribbles of the mind, travels of the soul

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